What’s New in Google+

IGNORE Google+ at your OWN RISK:

Google Translate for Google + is a great tool to use if you have people speaking different languages in your  circles.

I have been using  Google Translate for a few years with a number of clients and now with these great improvements I am able to read posts and really get the true meaning – this is a great addition to the social experience.

Straight from their own Google + post here is what is new :

“Google Translate got several updates this week – including annotated reverse translations, frequency indicators for common or rare translations, and grouped synonymous translations—to make it easier to pick just the right way to express yourself. These features are only available when translating into English right now but other languages are on the way.

For more details: http://goo.gl/k7mW2

It is interesting to see which industries are thriving and have a growing number of circlers ( or followers) in Google+

According to Heidi Cohen (http://heidicohen.com) from her August  2012 post; 

” Google+’s top five industries based on the number of circlers are automotive, electronics, luxury brands, Internet service and beverages.  What’s interesting is the falloff in circlers after the top spot and after the fifth spot. From a competitive perspective, you need to consider your standing relative to the firms your consumers consider your competition.”


What’s Happening at Google+ :

Google – new privacy policy – March 2012 across the Google spectrum of products

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