Google+ launched business pages in fall of 2011, at which point Google+ usage picked up as brands started creating their own pages and building their following. But since then, its been reported that usage has significantly decreased –recent reports state  that users only spend an average of 3.3 minutes on Google+ in a single session, down from 5.1 minutes in November 2011.

So you are probably asking “why should we bother with Google+ ?”

In the big picture it looks like it’s not incredibly active as a social network… so what’s the value?

The value comes from its SEO support.

When you post your content to Google+, you’re making it more likely your company’s content will rank well in Google’s SERPs.

That’s because, much to the dismay of many other social networks, Google is considering factors such as +1’s of content when deciding how high to rank a piece of content. Google also started to index and feature Google+ status updates, author names, and ‘Add to Circles’ buttons in search results, making your activity on Google+ even more important for a strong organic search presence.

There is a different focus happening in Google+ as people are joining circles which focus on specific interests – be it photography, sea kayaking, or model cars – and this may be just the way to reach a diverse market group who all want or need your specific product or service.

With Guy Kawasaki’s evangelism for Google+  (he recently wrote a book about it called “What the plus”) I think it is safe to say that there  is much more to come from Google+ in the future.

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