Email Marketing

Email Marketing when done right can be used effectively to build loyalty, trust, and  brand awareness as well as to ask for business, solicit sales and donations, deliver ads, and generate sales leads for products and services.

Businesses engaging in email marketing need to be aware of spam issues – there are laws and procedures to adhere to and every business must be careful not to fall into the grey areas of spamming. Spamming can not only lose your business valuable customers , but also have your business blacklisted by regulatory authorities and face fines. The anti-spamming laws in Canada are currently set to change in the spring of 2013 and there is much debate and concern from businesses regarding the ability to use email marketing effectively as a result.

Read more: Canadian Anti-Spamming laws – Bill C-28

The best policy is to use an Opt-In subscription process and this will keep you on safe ground.

This means the people you are emailing have opted-in to receive your emails via your website, facebook  page,  twitter feed, or some other contact point. During an email marketing campaign or regular weekly emails there needs to be a clear Opt-Out option in the specific email where the receiver can easily unsubscribe in a simple 1 step process.

Email Marketing can be very effective and reaching targeted customers who want to receive your message and can be converted is an effective way to optimize your email /direct marketing spend.

There are number of different email marketing options for small businesses to use – some are free for low volume campaigns and this provides a great opportunity to get started, learn the ropes, and evolve your email marketing to fit your AWESOME* Marketing Strategy.

We can set up the best strategy for your business and make Email Marketing an integrated part of your AWESOME* Marketing Strategy in Today’s Marketplace Now.

Integrated Marketing

Let’s Be AWESOME* Together!

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