AWESOME* Social Media Guidelines for Safe Kids: AWESOME* Kids

There are lot of things parents do not know –  Social Media and your kids –  is one of them.

As an offshoot of AWESOME* Social Media – we offer adult education courses through our AWESOME* Kids Program for educating parents about online networks and social media. This is close to my heart and  is a direct link to my own experience as a parent of two boys growing up in today’s digital world.

  • Computers, mobile phones, and mobile devices let our kids access materials and networks any time, anywhere.
  • We need to be in touch with what our are kids are doing in order to keep them safe and help them make the right decisions.
  • This is a relatively new issue for parents and one we need to engage with in order to help our kids succeed and move through adolescence as safely as possible.
  • We can outline what your kids are doing, how they are doing it, and provide guidelines parents can use to keep things under control.
  • Get Informed and keep your kids in the right space online.

TMPNow Media’s  AWESOME* Kids Program  will make this aspect of parenting less intimidating and frightening and keep you more connected with your kids.

Call 778-918-7763 or email Sara at: to inquire about the AWESOME* Kids Course and keep your family up to date with Social Media.

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