Why TMPNow – a little more info!

Let’s use your great business ideas and the art of marketing to create an AWESOME* Customer Experience  (aka AWESOME* CX)  and Awesome Social Media Presence  (aka AWESOME* SoMe )  for your business  which will deliver the returns you deserve.

Your business can embrace the various social media platforms to not only brand your products and services, but also provide  real-time customer service creating a  Customer Experience few will forget. Furthermore, by working  with, and through your best clients you can promote your products to reach other highly targeted clients and provide them with the goods and service they want.

With  AWESOME*  CX and SoMe   you will have Happy LOYAL Customers which is  the one goal we should all have in common!! 

Social Media  is dynamic and constantly changing.  I love the variety and challenges it provides; the challenge to create the right Social Media Strategy  for each individual or business is extremely motivating and rewarding.

Social Media is an extension of marketing and customer service with the personal touch that one finds in a face to face interaction. There is a  required personal skill  in sales  and marketing to generate success. Through an effectively planned Social Media Strategy you will  provide the critical customer service element which so many businesses lack – thus elevating your business into the higher  sphere of Customer Experience (CX).

My background in Anthropology (B.A.- UBC)  and Marketing ( BCIT)  along with  Web Analytics and Web Intelligence (UBC/UC Irvine) provides the perfect understanding and basis  in order to work effectively in the Social Media Arena and generate a optimal Customer Experience to separate your business from the Average Joe.

I spent many years working in both Retail and Hospitality & Tourism focusing on customer service, marketing, and sales. I spent 2 years working  in Japan and Asia.  In 1994, I started a Home Study School on the Caribbean island  of Roatan,  Honduras. Between  1998 to 2005, I designed and developed a Retail Gift Shop and a Boutique Hotel – both still operating successfully today.

The clientele I have dealt with in the retail business and hotel are from all over the world and I have developed the ability to relate to each type of client regardless of where they are from – both men and women, young and old, in various languages –  to create a wonderful customer experience. I have found these skills are a perfect fit in my role as an AWESOME* Social Media and Customer Experience Consultant in Today’s Marketplace Now.

It is a pleasure to work with clients in Tourism, Retail, Real Estate, Home Staging and Design, Nutrition, and Multi-level Marketing as well as Non-Profit Groups.

Together we will create  Social Media and Customer Experience Strategies which are in-tune with your specific business model and goals. It is extremely rewarding to work with such motivated people – to see the incredible work and interests you have – and to help turn your passions into an effective integrated marketing  platform for your business.

Take a look at Our Services: Social Media & CX Options  and I look forward to working with you soon!


Sara Didcott – Founder of TMPNow Media

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Let’s Be AWESOME* Together !!

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Let’s Be AWESOME* Together!